Plans for Process Engineering

When it comes to plant labelling, our business approach also includes the documentation of our work and your plant. If desired, we can work with our in-house CAD department to prepare your identification System for Power Stations (KKS) according to the latest revision. Complete and current documentation give you the security you need for plant operation. By using a complete historical reproduction of changes in the plant as well as the documentation of the current situation, operational safety can be increased in accident and emergency situations.

Our employees will compare existing P&IDs with the current state (as-built-check) in the plant. This way, missing components can be supplemented, components that have been dismantled (e.g. as a result of renovation) can be removed and missing data can be gathered for your database. The documentation then depicts the actual condition of
your plant and, using the revised P&IDs, we can assign both the quantity structures and texts (in coordination with the client) for your labelling. Our highly-qualified CAD department will then deliver the plans to you in file format; the desired attributes and digital information from AutoCAD P&ID are included.

We offer the following services:

  • On-site inventory audit (as-built-check) including demand assessment
  • P&iD preparation that considers the relevant standards and laws
  • Determining quantity structures and batch sizes for the different sign variants
  • Preparing specifications for the labelling
  • Assigning and coding the equipment according to identification Systems for Power Stations (KKS) and plant labelling systems
  • Preparing text and sign lists, including colour coding
  • Plotting / printing the plans

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