Fastening and Accessories

In order for a sign to aid in providing comprehension, safety and orientation, it must be properly installed. Our fastening products therefore offer the right solution for each of our plant labelling systems. Tried, tested and durable, the different sizes and types of signs can be fastened to the necessary installation points in a clearly visible manner.

Our sign-bracket, which comes in various designs, serves as the base. It matches the sizes and perforations of our original Stell “Stecksystem”, the slide-in system and the standardised dimensions of the engraved and printed signs. The sign-bracket is fixed with our pipe clamp, which allows for reliable labelling that is gentle on the object to which it is attached. Our range is broadened by additional fastenings and fastening accessories. For further questions regarding our products our sales team is always at your disposal.

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Food, Energy, Chemical, Industrial


Food, Energy, Chemical, Industrial

Pipe clamp

Food, Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Industrial, Fire protection

Adhesive foam tape

Energy, Chemical, Industrial

Locks for hanger strap

Energy, Chemical, Industrial

Hanger strap